The best AI advertising solutions

We unite the latest developments in the field of AI and Marketing trends to change the way online marketing is conducted.

AI built to create smart and effective advertising

Collaborative filtering

Search results are based on user preferences, item popularity and the similarity of audiences

High speed

In a database of 20 million images our current search speed is one image per millisecond. Rapid response times ensure instant results

Support of all image and video formats

Our system works with all the image and video formats including video clips on hosting services and streams

Accurate Targeting

We use a combination of behavioural, demographic and geo-targeting tools to build a loyal customer base

Combination of advanced technologies in the field of AI

Machine learning

User’s behaviour, clicks and preferences are constantly updated and improve search relevance

Big data processing

Over 200 million product images are analysed and indexed to a wide search and selection range

Computer vision algorithms

Visual recognition of more than 20.000 individual attributes including intra-class characteristics

Text Analysis

Content analysis, identification of tags and negative keywords to ensure brand safety from negative publicity

Experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

The team of tech experts

We stay on top of the latest scientific developments and technological trends and strive to develop new solutions for our clients and partners.

Support of leading technology companies

Thanks to partnerships with leading technology companies such as Microsoft and NVIDIA we're constantly improving our technology to achieve the best results at a convenient price.

Sarafan Lab

Our research laboratory develops new business solutions based on AI. Sarafan LAB engineers have successfully implemented a number of projects jointly with the world leading tech companies

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