Sarafan for publishers

Make photos and videos more interactive to keep users on your website and monetize your content

Shoppable photos and videos are analysed by Artificial Intelligence
Sarafan.AI identifies objects in photos and videos and finds similar looking items in online stores. Search results are displayed in the form of a widget which allows viewers to save time and makes online shopping more enjoyable. Sarafan Ad formats are suitable for all content creators: traditional publishers, mass media, bloggers and vloggers.


Shoppable Video

The sidebar with identical and similar products is expanded after choosing the “View products” option Sarafan.AI works with all video formats including videos on hosting services and streams

Created for subscribers’ model

Sarafan instruments are wholly suited for the subscriber model: each solution is created for the user and seeks to make shopping fast and easy.

Expert support around the globe

Our team will be happy to help with any questions you may have.
We offer exclusive advice to each of our partner and bring tailored solutions to specific cases.

Customizable analytic reports

Get detailed analytic reports about website engagement, behavioural data and product preferences of users ensuring you create content that resonates with your audience.

1-click Customization

You can customize the UI and change the type, size and placements settings of widgets in your personal account. You no longer need programmers - it's that easy.


Monetize your content making every photo and video on your website shoppable

Right Advertisers

Gain access to world leading advertisers and promote brands that suit your audience best

Engaging content

Integrate native Sarafan Ad formats to increase viewer engagement and build user loyalty

Easy to use

All you need to do is paste Sarafan`s code into your website to add widgets, links will be updated automatically

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Make your content shoppable with the help of Sarafan.AI