Artificial Intelligence Technology for clothes recognition in a photo

Sarafan is an Affiliate Program based on AI for fashion brands promotion and for media-websites photo-content monetization

Photo-content monetization

Sarafan Artificial Intelligence identifies clothes and accessories in photos and finds similar looking products in online stores. Search results are displayed in the widget. User just need to click on preferred item and enjoy online shopping. Media receives payment for every unique transfer to the online store’s page.

Opened widget


How does it work?

  1. You sign up for the Sarafan affiliate program
  2. You receive a code-script and embed it into your website
  3. Sarafan automatically recognizes clothes and adds widget under every appropriate published photo
  4. A user chooses a preferred product in the widget and follows the link to the online store page
  5. You receive a payment for every unique transition\purchase commission\showing
  6. The price of the click increases depending on the quality of the traffic (conversion, depth and time, spend in online store)

Reasons to say YES!


The size and design of the widget are created such that attention is not distracted from the main content


Sarafan widget is a brand-new format of promotion on the Internet, different from teasers and banners. Media sites’ users perceive Sarafan as an additional useful functionality


Manual page layouts are not required — links to product pages are automatically generated and are always relevant


Service installation to the platform is completely free. Set-up of a widget is a quick and easy process that won’t take long

Attracting targeted traffic

Sarafan is a quality channel for attracting customers. Those users who follow the widget link are already interested in a particular product and ready for purchase. With Sarafan you will receive targeted traffic from the very first day, reach out to a new audience for re-targeting and increase brand awareness

How does it work?

  1. You apply for the company's product placement in the Sarafan affiliate program
  2. Sarafan AI indexes the product feed of your online store (XML format or similar exchange files)
  3. You configure media websites widget’s targeting per geography and other available parameters
  4. You check transitions, view depth and time spent on the website statistics
  5. You pay for unique transitions of protentional clients
  6. The price of the click depends on the traffic quality. Low-effective clicks are paid at a minimum cost, clicks converted into sales are paid higher according to the Smart-click system

Standard Slider-Widget

Reasons to say YES!

Native advertisement

The audience doesn’t associate the widget with the advertisement. It is embedded in the main content and perceived as a useful functionality of the site


Artificial intelligence analyzes website’s audience demand, trends and key indicators of the internet platform. Based on the received data, it offers the most popular products, based on the readers purchasing power

Influence Marketing

Sarafan widget is getting embedded into celebrities and influencers websites. Such an advertisement is perceived аs the recommendation on the purchase from fashion trend leaders
over 50
over 150
online stores
& fashion brands
over 300
signed up media
and content websites
over 300 К
photos per 24 hours
over 20 М
over 40 М
users per month

Combination of advanced technologies in the field of AI

Sarafan.AI – is a self-learning Artificial Intelligence engine, using neural networks, computer vision algorithms, cloud computing and Big Data analysis. Sarafan recognizes fashion items in photos and finds similar ones in online stores

Continuous self-study

Sarafan.AI uses user’s behavior, clicks and expert data for regular retraining. Every day it becomes smarter, and the search is more relevant

Smart Click

The price of a click depends on its effectiveness: the system defines and takes into account the convertibility in sales, the view depth and time, which user spends on the site

Auto-associative memory

Using the function of the "virtual stylist", Sarafan.AI can complete or fix the look, adding to the selected products accessories, jewelry and beauty products

20,000 attributes

Sarafan.AI recognizes more than 20 thousand individual clothing attributes, including hundreds of styles, images, and textures

High speed

Providing access to the databases and the product feeds. The search speed of the database of 20 million images is 1 ms. High response times ensure instant results

Geographical targeting

Sarafan.AI takes into account the user's location and provides a selection of goods from online stores that work in this market or can deliver products to a buyer

Our research laboratory constantly develops new business solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. Sarafan LAB engineers and analysts have successfully implemented a number of partner projects jointly with the flagships of the technology world. We are ready for new technological challenges and projects of any complexity

Are you ready to work together with us at the forefront of technical progress? You are welcome!

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