Sarafan for advertisers

Use interactive publishers` content to communicate with your target audience and boost sales

Inspired media content as an advertising tool for your products
We match items which have been provided by the advertiser with publications which have featured identical or similar looking products. The advertiser's feed is then linked into the widget which has been installed into the publisher's content, helping viewers identify their favourite clothing with the advertiser's brand.
Sarafan Ad formats are suitable for a variety of product verticals.


Shoppable video

Your products will be shown in the sidebar of the video and can easily be complemented with additional marketing banners. Sarafan.AI works with all video formats including videos on hosting services and streams

Tailored solutions for each case

We believe that every product is unique. With our clients, we elaborate individual Ad campaigns and optimize our Ad solutions to specific cases.

Total control on your ad campaigns

Track every detail of your campaign with our broad analytic reports and choose the Ad formats that really resonate with your target audience.

Always in the spotlight

Place your Ad in content that users actually enjoy and receive better exposure to a larger community.

Right publishers

Promote your products with the help of publishers and influencers that communicate with your target audience.

Brand safety

Protect your brand: Sarafan.AI identifies negative text and imagery ensuring you get the right message across.

High Engagement

Use inspiring advertising formats that users enjoy making sure your product gets the attention it deserves.

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